Selk Bag

Sleep and wear system

Considering that almost a 30% of our time is occupied sleeping, which increases with greater fatigue and less hours of light  (winter), a good sleep is the key factor to recover consumed energy. A comfortable position, a suitable temperature and less restricted mobility are fundamental for a good rest.

Nowadays, the maximum comfort level a sleeping bag offers, has a «material» relation: its filling and the space and air to warm up by our body (less space, better, due to a smaller cost of caloric energy), amongst other benefits. For example, high mountain trekkers, have special gear designed for extreme low temperatures: all the body parts together to transmit heat in a adjusted amount of space, spending the less amount of caloric energy as possible.

Movement is the greatest obstacle which we, the majority of sleeping bag users, face.

Therefore, we believe that, to be able to rest in spaces that are not high mountains, snow or cold places, a sleeping bag must be as nice and friendly as a bed is, and should give us the correct protection level towards coldness thanks to its materials, filling and the possibility to spread our heat through our body thanks to a good level of blood circulation.

It’s interesting to observe what most of camping, cabin, beaches, woods, mountain, desert, lakes, etc. users are shouting for, mouth to mouth through a sorrowed hope:  MOVEMENT

Musuc’Bag® is a sleeping system which allows to dress with your sleeping bag, giving a maximum mobility and comfort in periods of rest in a tent or outside it:
– Separate, move and join arms and legs
– Roll with your Musuc’Bag®, not in it
– Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your legs and even grab certain elements with your hands thanks to its reversible zippers.

Mobility, maximum comfort for a perfect rest is Musuc’Bag®’s fundamental idea, and each part of it is designed for that purpose. Enjoy your excursion with a 100% comfortable rest, just as you do in your bed.