Acrylic: Expensive plastic material that seems cheap. Vitrac tries to raise the beauty of the acrylic and giving it equal importance than glass or crystal. Laser cut graphic on a white acrylic plate is inserted in the moment of production, which encapsulates bubbles mixing the independent colors pourn in separately.

After months of hard investigation and long hours of participation in acrylic’s productive process, what in other circumstances would have been the symbol of rejection or error of a complete acrylic plate has been transformed in a completely random factor of beauty: A forced error. Changes of tonality, color, thickness and appearance of air bubbles in the production here are the elements that completely differentiate one plate from another causing each piece to seem removed from a glass oven.

This material, like conventional acrylic, is able to be bent with heat, patched, perforated or cut with any technology.

Winner of Passiontour 2007 Best Design Award